The Magic of New Beginnings and a Spiral Staircase

Welcome to this year of new adventures called 2022 ✨.

At the turn of one year to the next I ask myself:

How do I reflect on the last 365 days?

Did I get what I wanted?

More importantly, did I learn and have I become a better self?

And what comes next?

In London, I found my guiding metaphor for a lifelong journey. There is a beautiful old spiral staircase in the greenhouse of the Royal Botanical Garden Kew that allows me to get to the top of the tallest plants without dangerous climbing.

Moving to a higher level, becoming a better Self and arriving at the top even though it looks like I'm spinning in circles.

That spiral staircase spells magic, and so does every single step.

The magic of new beginnings has been so beautifully captured by Hermann Hesse in this poem:

"Like every blossom wilts, and youth must yield

to age, so every stage of life must flower,

Like every wisdom, every virtue blooms

in its own time, and cannot last forever.

Our heart must be prepared at every call

of life, to bid farewell and start anew,

To give ourselves with valiance and no grief

to other, novel bonds out in the world.

And every new beginning holds a spell

that will protect us and will help us live.

We are to stride with joy through the expanses,

not hook our hearts to each place like a home

The cosmic spirit does not limit, shackle,

yet, stage by stage, it seeks to lift, expand us.

We're barely settled cosy in life's circle

and feel familiarised, when languor looms.

Only those prepared to leave and travel

just might escape the numbing habitudes.

Maybe the hour of our death will send,

yet, reborn, us to explore new spaces,

Because life's call to us will never end...

Go on then, heart, go bid farewell and heal"

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