Our Priority Play Off Worksheet

Hello dear TEBACers !

For all who joined yesterday's morning meeting, here is the worksheet for your individual Priority Play Off Challenge.

From thinking to doing. Start today!


1- Write down your priorities in the left vertical column ("value").

2- Write them in the same order into the top horizontal row. Blank out the fields where the same values meet in the table (they cannot compete against each other)

3- Once your play off list is ready, start "competing" each value against all the others, one by one. Put the number of the "winning contestant" in the relevant box.

4- When finished, count how often each contestant "won a match" and write the number of WINS in the box at the bottom of each contestant's column. (Look at the "example sheet" as well)

5- Last, evaluate your "winners and runners-up"

You get best results when you play each game by the "blind Justitia weighing" method. Don't overthink, just feel which hand of your scales moves down under the weight of the "winner".

It can be a serious but fun exercise when you play with a "buddy" kind of partner. But it you can also play it by yourself, with a candlelight, some good wine and music, in peace and calmness.

Curious to hear what you experienced :-)

PS: Sometimes it may happen that the PDF files from this page fail to download. If this happens to you please email me and I'll send you a copy individually.

Download PDF • 43KB

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