Early Bird Ski Pass

It’s been a more than a 1 year now, Walter & I developed the idea of TEBAC.

The Early Birds Achievers Club, is part of our lives every Monday morning 7.30am CET.

I am grateful beyond the horizon to have the opportunity starting my week with a great community around me.

Once, we get into a feeling of waking up, and do what fulfils us right from the morning, we tend to truly live in the present.

How did I recognize this?

A simple moment last week when I went skiing.

I bought my ticket, put on my helmet, and hurried to get to the ski lift.

While I was getting ready putting all the clothes up, I realised what my ticket said: “Early Bird Ski Pass”.

This is a small reminder, to always enjoy the present moment, because the daily habits and wants we implement are coming with us and follow us.

I am a proud Early Bird even though the time differentiate sometime.

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